IAV, pioneered by owner and president Marc Wollam in his garage in 2004, has grown to be a national Event Production Company.  From these humble beginnings of a one man operation, using the family mini-van to haul gear, Integrity Audio Visual has seen tremendous growth by following this core belief; if you do your work with integrity then trust will develop and once trust is established good relationships always form.

Integrity Audio Visual operates by a core value: We strive to do the right thing for our customers, employees, vendors, and community. This core value effects all of our relationships.

We value our customers:  We make sure to ask a lot of questions and listen closely so we can really understand your needs and application.  We know we are in a technology based business, but we always try to keep the jargon to a minimum and make sure our customers understand their choices.

We value our employees:  We treat them with respect and fairness.  We understand that work is just a part, albeit a big part, of life but it should never be your life.

We value our vendors:  We consider our vendors as critical partners to our success.  As such, we don’t take on new suppliers very often and we are very loyal to the manufacturers we represent.  We also believe that it is our responsibility and obligation to pay our vendors on time.

We value our community:  We consider it to be a great privilege to live in Idaho.  We believe it is important to be good corporate citizens in our community.  While we get more requests than we can fulfill, we love the chance to help quality organizations in their service to the community.  We contribute annually to great organizations like Women’s and Children’s Alliance; Make a Wish Foundation, and Genesis World Mission.